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"What kind of church nails its doors shut? "That would be the Triune Mercy Center. "And I am its pastor." For 27 years Deb was a journalist in the Deep South. Then she retrained as a Baptist pastor, and accepted a post at the Triune Mercy Center, a run-down inner-city church where the homeless gathered. It was a shock. Gradually she learned whom she could trust- and whom she couldn't. Sometimes the best person to handle a situation was a drug addict. Sometimes Jesus had the face of a prostitute. All were fiercely welcomed into this bewildering church family. Full of color and incident, Deb's story is a testament to messy grace and the presence of the Spirit in the hard places of the world. "Deb Richardson-Moore is one of my 'most admired' people. I love her heart, her experience-learned wisdom, her honesty and her passion. You will praise God for the work He is doing at the Triune Mercy Center."- Ruth Graham, author of In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart "At the Triune Center, Deb not only found Christ among 'the least of these', but she also experienced Christ drawing her into His grand drama of redemption. Here is a loving, realistic account of a life commandeered for the work of God's Kingdom."- Will Willimon, Bishop, The United Methodist Church and Professor of Christian Ministry, Duke University Divinity School "Immensely moving and inspiring, reminding us of the power of grace."- Patrick Regan OBE, Founder and CEO of XLP "Causes you to see people in a way you never would have realised. Real, authentic and recommended reading."- Roy Crowne, Executive Director, Hope

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