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CD - Baraka Sho

Publisher Description

:As a man who has travelled the world, Sho Baraka finds himself more and more engaged in things such as international affairs and domestic activism. Realising that the Lord has given him a voice and a platform, he desires to use it to help contribute to cultural and personal change in society. To that end, Sho follows up "The Talented Tenth" with his newest album titled "The Narrative."

The content of "The Narrative" touches on social consciousness, issues of every day life and the struggles we face as humans. All the topics are saturated in a Gospel worldview which informs how Sho wrestles through each train of thought. Just as Sho has grown up and matured, so has the sound of his music.

"The Narrative" is heavily influenced by jazz and soul, while still maintaining a hip-hop backbone. The soundscape is supported by live instrumentation, providing layers of musicality not often experienced on hip-hop albums. These musical arrangements act as a soundtrack to the vivid word pictures Sho paints wiht his potent lyrics for the entirety of "The Narrative."

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