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Despite suffering from the debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Andrew White, 'The Vicar of Baghdad', has persevered in his highly dangerous, often heart-breaking ministry in war torn Iraq. In this encouraging personal memoir, White shares candidly the hard lessons Iraq has taught him about faith.

Publisher Description

"The 'Vicar of Baghdad' encounters daily tragedy. What happened to his faith when a young girl in his congregation died, after much hope and prayer? He has met the best and worst: articulate, agreeable imams and rabbis; Christian venality and dishonesty. What has kept him willing to see the best? Every time he returns to Iraq he may be saying goodbye to his family for the last time. What do they think? He suffers from MS. How does he remain cheerful despite his physical weakness, and its progression? What does he say to God, alone in his study, late at night? He has been caught up in momentous events. Can he see the hand of God? Looking ahead, can he be optimistic about the future? Where are his sources of spiritual energy? He solicits prayer: why?"

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