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PAPERBACK - James Johnston

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From death camp survivor to rescuer of the unborn, Eva Edl is a true hero of the faith, whose story of following God in the darkest of circumstances will lead you to fight for the rights of the ""least of these.""Barely escaping with her life from the Nazi regime during World War II, Eva emigrated to America, where she took up the battle cry for another group of people who could not speak for themselves-the unborn.In She Looks Like My Little Girl, follow Eva's amazing journey of a love that conquers all.Praise for She Looks Like My Little Girl"Ever since I heard Eva's amazing story while locked up with her in the Niagra Armory in Buffalo, New York, I knew her testimony would be an anthem of rescue. Do it again, Jesus! Do it again."-Rev. Flip BenhamFormer Director of Operation Save America"A diamond of a story. Prepare to have your preconceived notions on World War II and the pro-life movement shattered."-Pastor Bill ShanksNew Orleans, Louisiana"I was profoundly affected in my emotions and in my spirit as I read this book. For me, it could have been entitled 'Shock and Awe.' Thank you, Eva, for opening my eyes to the cruel darkness of our enemy powers confronting America."-Rod AguillardSenior Overseer, Network of Related Pastors"If you're content to go through life working, playing, being entertained, living long and enjoying your 401K by the pool, do not read this book. If you long to blend in, crave the ordinary, and dream of mediocrity, go watch TV instead. But if you want to tread where few courageous souls have dared to tread, if you want to see mountains moved, the bound liberated, and the lost rescued-this is a MUST READ! I pray your heart is open to God's voice."-Rusty ThomasDirector of Operation Save America

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Pages 300
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