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PRESS RELEASE: "God made you special, and He loves you very much!" It's not just a catchy phrase we use, rather a biblical reality that is lived out each and every day in the lives of God's people. Throughout the years we've heard stories that you've shared with us affirming this truth- and now we're excited about the opportunity to share your stories with everyone! On August 11th 2007, Big Idea will release GOD MADE YOU SPECIAL- a landmark collection of four VeggieTales stories on one DVD that focus on helping kids understand they are special just the way God made them.

Extended Information: Join Bob, Larry and all the VeggieTales friends for GOD MADE YOU SPECIAL- a landmark collection of stories that help kids learn that they are special just the way God made them!

In "Dave and the Giant Pickle," a shepherd boy realises that little guys can do big things too. A trip to outer space helps the Veggies learn to appreciate the differences in others in "The Gourds Must Be Crazy." In "A Snoodle's Tale," a self-conscious Snoodle realises the way God sees him is the only thing that matters, and all the Veggies are reminded of their uniqueness in the all-new "Bob's Vacation."

Filled with laughs, music, over 70 minutes of fun and lots of surprises, God Made You Special is sure to be a favourite of VeggieTales fans everywhere!

* Great value with over 70 minute running time
* Includes 3 bestselling VeggieTales episodes, 2 Silly Songs and 1 brand new story!
* Bonus features include 45 minutes of VeggieTales fans sharing how they came to understand that God loves them very much!

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