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PAPERBACK - Kevin O'donnell

Publisher Description

Perhaps you have lost someone close to you. Perhaps you yourself are facing death, or are worried by the prospect of dying. Perhaps you are looking for comfort for a friend. The Christian faith does not regard after death as the end. The resurrection of Jesus after his death on the Cross is central to Christian belief, and it changes everything - our ambitions, our understanding of ourselves, our relationships with one another.

The Rev. Kevin O'Donnell compares Christian teaching on the afterlife with that of other religions, and also raises the question of ghosts, mediums and near-death experiences. He spells out what the Bible says about the life to come, and tackles the question of the final judgement: what is at sake? What does God's mercy mean?

This gentle, lucid book will be a source of encouragement, and a sure guide to the future. It includes a range of suitable prayers and liturgies for the bereaved, allowing tears but suggesting hope.

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