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HARDBACK - Malcolm Duncan (Fwd), Catherine Campbell

Leaving behind the darkness in our lives requires action on our part. These 40 short devotional readings encourage us to access the power of Jesus daily, to bring the Light of the World into the places where our pain, loneliness, and disappointment linger. Beautifully illustrated.

Publisher Description

:Here are 40 simple but penetrating reflections on the task of walking daily in the light of Christ. They are accompanied by a range of beautiful illustrations. Darkness cannot remain in the presence of light. Yet it is not as simple as the flicking on of a switch. It requires action on our part. For in the shadowy corners of our daily lives, where pain, loneliness, and disappointment linger, we need to choose to leave the darkness behind and follow the light. That light is to be found in the One who declares Himself to be the Light of the World. In forty short devotional readings Catherine encourages us to make living in the Light a daily practice by accessing the power available to us in Jesus. As we do so we will see the darkness flee before our eyes.

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