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Christy Nockels' fifth solo studio album, Be Held- Lullabies for The Beloved;, is set to release on September 29. This will be one of Nockels' most intimate projects to date. Familiar with leading worship for the masses, Christy turned inward for this project and explores her own identity as "beloved" in the form of lullabies. Beginning as songs sung over her children, Nockels transcends all age groups in Be Held- Lullabies for The Beloved with songs that lull the heart of the listener, bringing them into deeper relationship with God in a way that only Nockels can. Lullabies for the Beloved means just that, these songs are meant for "everyone." Beloved meaning dearly loved or much loved person.

"The heart behind Be Held- Lullabies for The Beloved is that a new mother can sing these songs over her newborn baby but in the very same breath, find herself sung over by her Heavenly Father."- Christy Nockels

Admittedly the very reason Christy felt compelled to make this record is the reason she was incapable of making it when she was a young mother. In the beginning in essence fighting motherhood because of the surrender that she was being called to in order to care for her family, the Lord taught her to turn over her fears and her desires to Him. From this 'secret place' of surrender Nockels learned to find the glorious in what was seemingly the mundane. From this 'glorious in the mundane' place Nockels song these songs over her own children, her family, and even over her own heart in an effort to consistently remind themselves of their of own beloved-ness.
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